Sometimes snails are fast

So I know that you dont always get what you want straight away, which is why I’m doing this post. You can start of slow and maybe not really get anywhere but it if you persevere than you will probably win the race, just like the tortoise and the hare. My blog has been going for just under a month and I haven’t really got anywhere but hopefully after time I’ll have a big gathering of followers (fingers crossed ✌❌) so keep going and before you know it the slow snail who was losing will have won the race. Keep going x

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Merebear xx

Youtubers you should totally check out

Now before I start my loving list of youtubers, I just want to say that zoella, pointlessblog, Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta and all the other bae’s are o course some of my favourites but I’m gonna focus on medium sized youtubers as the others have plenty of subscribers, so here’s my list:
First of all is Andreaschoice, she was the first person I subscribed to and she’s amazing. I love her american accent and she has great ideas and a gift for editing. She is crazy beautiful with no faults. You need to check her channel out.


Next is someone with ideas that will blow your mind, her channel is based around DIY’s and make up. If Andrea is good at edition laurdiy is a amazing .Her videos are pure perfection and I’m sure you’ll love her.


Now its an amazing, fairly small yet perfect youtubers who goes by the name of inthefrow.
Her hair is on point along with her personality. The make up she creates, the smile she has makes an amazing channel that you have to check out😝


Here’s just some of my youtubers on my subscription list.


Leave a comment , I would love to know who’s your favourite youtuber !

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My morning routine: Winter weekend

So on a cold, dark winters morning I usually wake up around 9/9:30 because its so dark 😟 but then I will usually lay in bed thinking about what I’ll do that day and other random things. Once I actually get out of bed I will quickly brush my hair and chuck it up into a bun. After my hairs out of my face I’ll go and wash my face with my Simple, kind to skin, foaming face wash ( this is my favourite at the moment ) because I hate having grimy skin and have to wash my face before I do anything else, wierdddd ??
Next I just lounge around, watch a bit of telly and have breakfast. At the moment I’m obsessed with toasted Bagel’s😍  which I usually have with some fruit, after that I’ll go and get ready. If you want to see what clothes I love wearing at the moment have a look at my new years look book and there’s also my my make up routine, go check it out!!
Most of the time I have showers at night and just rinse my body in the morning but I’m loving the zoella soak opera at the moment along with the body cream but some times ill use something that’s more specific to my dry skin.
So thats my morning routine, hope you like it…
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Merebear xx

Are YOU anxious ??

So I know that I dont have panick attacks and I’m not thought to get anxiety problems but I am constantly worried. And I know that its not just me, but that some of you will feel this way.
You may feel things like this
” I know I have no homework but I’m worried that I’ll get a detention ”
” Why is everyone is starring at me, am I doing something wrong ”
” I want to leave all of a sudden for no reason ”
” I feel very left out even though I’m in the middle of a conversation ”
Now I know this isn’t that bad but when its all the time it makes you feel slightly isolated 😟 But these are just worries and its not just you. You can make a mistake once in awhile, humans learn from mistakes which is why they exist. Just let the worries flow past and if you act like there are no worries then you will soon forget about what you where worrying about!
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Into The Woods: review

So today I went to the cinema with my sister and dad to watch Into The Woods and thought that I would do as review on it and tell you what I think of it!


The actual plot is basically a baker and his wife trying to reverse a curse so that they can have a child, they need a red cape which brings in little red riding hood. Golden hair, Rapunzel. A white cow, jack and the beanstalk and a Golden shoe, Cinderella. This all comes together to make a great story.

So first of all I just wanted to say that the lineup of actors is great, James Corden, Emily Blunt, Johnny Depp and one of my favourite actors, Anna Kendrick. I also love the actual song in it, it’s very creative and memorable but if you are the type who doesn’t like songs in movies then this is not for you. This has A LOT of singing, more singing than talking, which is a downer.

The actual set is great, it all looks very real with great lighting and no times where it’s too dark seeing as it’s set in the woods.

I love the plot of the story, I love how that maybe not all happily ever afters are happy and how they have managed to combine the best fairy tales to make a better one.
Hope you liked this, if u did tap the ⭐

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DIY: Makeup remover

So today I decided to do a mix of my favourite things, DIY’s and makeup. DIY make up remover!! So I’ve been doing my research and found a couple of things that can help you remove make up without using harsh chemicals. Here it is !!


First one…
This is the most simple one of all. Its as simple as putting a bit of coconut oil on your fingers and rubbing it in, in fact it is putting a bit of coconut oil on your fingers and rubbing it in !!

The next is easy peasy, all you have to do is add one of the following to a cotton swab or Q-tip and rub into the eye gently. 
-Shea butter
-jojoba oil
-grape seed oil
-olive oil ( which I wouldn’t recommend )
-almond oil

Number three!!
Mix together 1.5 oz of witch hazel and 1.5 oz of olive oil and place in a small jar ready for use.

Hope you liked this DIY !!

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My new years look book

So this year I decided to change up my style a bit and I thought that there was no harm I sharing it with you guys
So my main inspiration is Taylor swift. I dont like all of her outfits but  most I love.
These are quite classy but relaxed not to mention that I love leather jackets…


I love these styles but I hate tights. Anyone know where sells good tights that don’t make your bladder go crazy ???

I love my baggy jumpers but never know what to wear on my bottom half except shorts, I wear leggings but it doesnt look stylish at all. Any ideas ??

These are some of my favourite trousers at the moment, I know they are all black but I usually wear colour on my top half plus’s they are all different textures!! There’s leather, velvet crushed and just jeans.

Next are some cloths that I would love to add to my closet, classy and casual! I found ALL these items in the sale section on the new look website and most of it is under £10 except the coats and shoes!!!!!!!
These won’t be every ones taste but I hope there’s something in there that appeals to you xx


I hope you liked this post, I tried really hard on this one!!

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